Public authorities and the government
The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces and 636 municipalities, responsibilities are shared between national, provincial and municipal authorities.
Each ministry is responsible for crises management within their own specific area with a National Co-ordination Centre in the Ministry of Interior.

The mayor has the responsibility for disaster relief. The municipalities set up disaster centres and co-operate regionally, legislation requires creation of plan for disaster management , contingencies, co-ordination and psycho-social care. Fire services form core of disaster relief; majority of fire officers are volunteers. Psychosocial support is an integral part of disaster management. There is an operational partnership of medical emergency organisations responding in acute, transitional and long-term phases.

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

The Directorate of Public Health is responsible for public health in the Netherlands. It aims to improve the population's overall state of health, to prevent diseases, to create a good structure of health care in case of crises and disasters and it supports the public health policies of municipalities and other tiers of government.
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations

Directorate-General for Public Order and Safety (DGV)
Together with the police, the justice organisation and the fire service the State, provinces and municipalities play a key role in promoting public order and security in the Netherlands. At the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, these tasks are the responsibility of the Directorate-General for Public Order and Safety.

Disaster co-ordination 
The National Co-ordination Centre assists the Minister of the Interior in crisis management situations. In the event of disasters and calamities such as air crashes, flooding or rail accidents and high-risk events such as state visits, the Centre co-ordinates the flow of information between the various public authorities, as well as their actions.

Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations

The Netherlands do have a national knowledge and advice centre for post-disaster psychosocial care called Impact. Impact sets out to promote high-quality., well-organised post-disaster psychosocial care. Impact’s remit includes compiling experience and scientific knowledge, making it available to and meaningful for a variety of target groups, and promoting cooperation between the parties involved., the website and the digital knowledge base are in Dutch and in English
Red Cross
The Netherlands Red Cross seeks to prevent and alleviate human suffering and to improve the situation of vulnerable people. The Netherlands Red Cross helps, protects and takes care of people that are victims of war, conflict and disaster, and those who need assistance because of other circumstances

The Dutch Red Cross