Italian Network of Psychological Associations (INPA). Disaster and Trauma Section. Via Arenula, 16 00185 Rome
Contact person: Isabel Fernandez e-mail: Phone/Fax: 0362 558879 Mobile: 339 2775026
INPA gathers the National Psychological Association and the main scientific societies in the field of Psychology. The Disaster and Trauma section has a National network of specialists in Psychological First Aid, psychosocial support and therapy that can be available to respond to critical incidents.

- Regione Veneto - Servizio Protezione Civile. Via Paolucci,
34 30175 Marghera (VE). Contact person: Nicola Salvatore
Phone: 041 2795180 Fax: 041 2795501 The Civil Protection in the Venetian Region has a team of psychologists trained and specialized in Disaster and Crisis interventions. The team is part of the National Health Service and they are available throughout the entire Region

- Italian Red Cross. Volontari del Soccorso. Contact person: Lina 
Scichittano (Bologna) e.mail: Phone: 051 3865660 
Mobile: 330258487. The task force of Volontari del Soccorso give psychological support to emergency personnel and victims of mass disasters. There are task forces in 7 main cities of Italy.