PsyCris - Improving PSYcho-social support in CRISis management

 Marc STEIN, MA   Service Psychologique, Police GRAND-DUCALE 


3 year project  with aim to to improve psycho-social support in crisis management within the European Union

Main Goals:

Status quo analysis of psychological and medical support in crises in European countries – Improvement of support strategies for victims, affected individuals and crisis managers – Enhancement of psycho-medical preparedness for major incidents (contingency planning) – Development of interventions to deal with stress and reduce stress related disorders of crisis management personnel and authorities – Providing efficient self-help strategies to communities affected by crises – Investigation of long-term psycho-social, societal and cultural impact of crises

As its main product, the project will provide a set of tool kits enabling: – efficient handling of relevant data – transfer of knowledge and practical competences relevant for crisis management, stress control and social support – rapid decision-making in concrete crises.

 The tool kits are integrated within a computerised knowledge system combining e-learning and face-to-face teaching.


All information about the project can be found here