13th European Congress of Psychology in Stockholm 2013 - Presentations of pre-congress workshop and symposium

In Stockholm, the Standing Committee organised on the 9th of July a pre-congress workshop ‘The Nature of the Disaster – the Nature of the Psychological Trauma’ , with 3 themes: natural disasters, man-made technical disasters and terrorists attacks, violence and school shootings.  Chairs: Salli Saari and Eva Hakanson. Presentations of Salli Saari, Nuray Karanci, Magda Rooze, Anders Korsgaard and Eva Hakanson.


On  12th of July, the SC organised also a symposium ‘Crisis and Disasters: Impacts, Recovery and Psychosocial support Chair: Nuray Karanci. Presentations of Salli Saari, Marianne Strauma, Eva Hakanson and Magda Rooze.